The weather charts are for three locations: Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand; Baikonur, Kazakhstan; and Cape Canaveral, USA. They show the weather at and above the spaceports for approximately the next three days.

Weather forecasts are plotted using data derived from the NCEP GFS model. They update every six hours.

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Reading the charts

The charts are divided into two sections. The top section shows the upper air wind speed, vertical wind shear and cloud. The lower section shows the wind speed in the 100 m above the surface.

An example chart is shown below:

Example chart


The top section of the chart has altitude units of metres above mean sea level. The bottom section has units of metres above the surface.


Times are in UTC. Night time (between sunset and sunrise) is indicated by the grey shaded background underneath the horizontal axis labels.

Wind speed

Wind speeds in the upper atmosphere and the lowest 100 m above the ground are indicated by the red contours. Units are ms-1.

Vertical wind shear

Vertical wind shear in the upper atmosphere is represented by the colouring. Values between 0.005 s-1 and 0.015 s-1 are shown.


Cloud presence in the upper atmosphere is indicated by the hashing.

Surface precipitation

The surface precipitation rate (mm/hour) is shown in the bottom section of the chart.


These charts were prepared by Tim Hume (